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Making Wallpaper (Windows):

The wallpapers on the site are in .jpg format to speed download time. Most are sized for 800x600 screen resolutions. If we have 'em larger, click the link for the size you need. Right click on the image. If you see the command "Set As Wallpaper" click that. Even if we've manipulated the browser size, that's all you have to do, unless you're still running 3.1

If so, Download the wallpaper to your hard drive Windows folder, usually c:\windows . If you're using an Active Desktop, Right click on your desktop. Select Properties. Select the filename you downloaded. In the "Display" box, Click "Center"

If right clicking doesn't work, you have to convert the file to a .bmp format. Open the Windows Paint program (under Accessories) and open the image. Click "Save As" and change the "Save as Type" box to "24-bit bitmap". Save the in the c:\windows root directory (assuming c: is your hard drive where Windows is located). Then, Open the Control Panel and click the "Display" icon. Click the Background tab. Select your wallpaper.

Making Wallpaper (Mac OS 8.5 +)

We're told all you have to do is drag the image to your desktop. [Other Mac instructions we've been given -- Under the Apple menu, go to Control Panels and select "Appearance." In your Appearance control panel, click the tab marked "Desktop." Click "Place Picture" (if you already have another picture as your desktop image, click "Remove Picture" first, then "Place Picture"). Use the dialog box to locate and open the image you downloaded. Click "Set Desktop" and close the control panel.]

Mac users feel free to send corrections or additions.

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