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Wallpapers from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns
(in .jpg format -- How to make Wallpaper)
Defending Wife and Kidlet
800x600     1024x768
The Scorpion King
800x600     1024x768
Yep, Ancient Catfight
800x600     1024x768
Two Dynasties Joined
800x600     1024x768
Ardeth Bay Attacks!
800x600     1024x768
A Pharoah and his Princess
800x600     1024x768

The Dead Rise

800 x 600    1024 x 768

Princess Anck-Su-Namum

800 x 600    1024 x 768

Evelyn Sacrificed

800 x 600    1024 x 768
Creature, Almost Restored

800 x 600

The Creature Roars

800 x 600

A Face in the Sand

800 x 600
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