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Cook County

Starring Xander Berkeley, Anson Mount, and Ryan Donowho, Makeena Fitzsimmons
Written and Directed by David Pomes

IN SHORT: Desplicably one of the year's best. [Rated R. 93 minutes]

In other words, Cook County is really well written and terrifically acted but no one who cares about how you spend your hard earned cash is going to tell you to see spend the same on tickets or DVD rental 'cuz the story matter is just too . . . yech.

Sonny (Xander Berkeley) has been away, up the river in the big house, for two and a half years. His return to the East Texas house inhabited by his brother, nicknamed Bump (Anson Mount) is a pleasant surprise and one worth celebration. Bump's idea of celebration involves the smoking and snorting of high grade crystal meth cooked up in a lab in the back of the house. Sonny, however, has returned clean and is determined to stay that way. If he can manage to free his nephew Abe and niece Deandra (Makeena FItzsimmons) from Bump's domination, so much the better. Problem is, anything Sonny does could trigger Bump's growing paranoia that men in black are lurking in the surrounding wods and are out to get him. Bump is quick to use his trigger finger. Sleeps with his shotgun. You get the picture.

But Bump needs cash to finance the expansion of his operations. Sonny is still connected for distribution so Fat Earl is sent on a delivery by Sonny. One problem, though. Fat Earl is blotto when he gets into his car to drive and that erratic driving gets him pulled over and, eventually, busted by the Feds -- it's the first of three busts Sonny promised in return for early release from the pen (spoiler). But Bump's raging paranoia, fueled by dreams of big money -- if only he can build the meth lab of his dreams --and easy access to firearms small and shotgun, means things are going to get, well, you know, messy.

And they do. Oh boy do they do. Not in the way you are probably imagining. We still think you should stay home, despite what you are about to read . . .

On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Ten Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to Cook County, he would have paid . . .


9* means we think the film has Oscar etc. potential. It's just easier to start grouping 'em now, at the end of the year.

We still don't think you should see it. We mean that.

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