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true grit
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True Grit

Starring Jeff Bridges
Screenplay by
Based on
Directed by

IN SHORT: nnn. [Rated . minutes]

2 california gold pieces. father's mare. gun Maddy Ross, 14 comes to Fort Smith where her father has been murdered in cold blood by one Tom Cheney. She looks to hire a marshal to track and capture Cheney. She is a hard bargainer, as she settles her father's accounts and other business matters. The town is wracked by a "malarial plague." Maddy somehow convinces marshal Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to take the case. She then is surprised by a Texas Ranger [Lebeef] (Matt Damon) also tracking Cheney, for the murder of a Texas senator. Maddy aims to see Cheney hang. The ranger doesn't much care where the lout hangs, as long as his neck snaps on the way down. Cogburn, we should mention, is a drunk. Maddy isn't about to let the man ride off with $50 of her cash money without an eye on his back to make sure he is filling his obligations. Maddy has been told that Cogburn is full of True Grit. And, strangely enough, after another round of negotiations and bargaining and flat out arguing, Cogburn tells Maddy to be ready to ride in the morning. Into the Choctaw Nation. Reuben Cogburn leaves a railroad ticket and a note telling Maddy to go home. Maddy pursues. At the river, the ferryman grabs her reins saying he has instructions to turn her over to the sheriff. Maddy escapes, her horse swims the river, and well not much Cogburn can do but watch and admire the kid's own true grit. Maddy catches Cogburn and the Ranger. Ranger beats maddy but Cogburn intervenes. they are a trio. but the lawmen don't think much of each other and soon their deal is done. So Lebeef takes his own way and Rooster and Maddy ride on. A gunshot from an Indian hired by Cogburn lets them know they're being followed so they wait. it is Forrester, wears a bear skin, vet and dentist. huge beard. he recos a pace to sleep. Cogburn goes but doesn't like the look of the joint. Is told to "ride on". one of the two inside is emmit quincy. cogburn knows him. the othre is moon. gunshot in his leg. cogburn offers a deal: information about Ned Leeds' whereabouts for medical aid else the leg will swell and have to be amputated. Moon starts to talk, Emmit buries a bowie in his chest. Cogburn kills Emmit. Moon begs for help, tells that Leeds is due back that evening for new re-mounts. Cogburn buries the man, proper. they stake out. lebeef shows first a minute before the leeds gang. no time or way to warn him. shot, hogtied and dragged behind a horse. Cogburn shoots all but one of Leed's gang. None of 'em are Cheney. But the two dead have a silver stake where Cogburn figures the gang is heading. that's for the winding stair mountains. and there's whiskey and food in the cabin Chumpsford aka Cheney nothing at the silvermine. Cogburn bows out. Trail is now cold. Cheney is probably dead. Maddy is left with Lebeef. She tries to convince him to continue. He says no. "Time for you to go home, tOo. with the marshal when he sobers." Maddy says she will not go back without Cheney dead. Next morning Maddy goes for water. On the other side of the river is Tom Cheney, watering his horses. They have a nice chat. She gets off one shot into the ribs but Cheney gets upper hand and takes Maddy out with the Leeds gang. Leeds leaves Cheney in charge of Maddy. If she isn't delvered to a certain safe place alive, he doesn't get paid for the robbery. Cheney says fuck it pulls a dull knife and decides to kill Maddie. Lebeef saves the day. Cogburn is still after ned leeds. Leeds has 3 men to Cogburn's one. They face off. Three down. Rooster pinned under his horse. Leeds has the advantage. Lebeef shoots from a distance. "Some bully shot. 400 yards at least" Cheney pops up and clobbers the ranger. Maddy picks up the gun. Maddy kills Cheney but the bacfire sends her falling into a cavern. There's a body down there, too. It has a rattle snake in it. [also a knife. that'll come in handy] Cogburn comes after but Maddy is snake bit on hand. Cogburn tends to it. Horse pulls rope and Maddy and Cogburn are out. Leave the ranger to get Maddy to medical help. Full gallop. They pass all the bodies on the ride back to town. Rides the horse to collapse. Bullet puts it down. Marshal carries her to bagbee's store. 25 years on, without the arm, Maddy meets the marshall. He's travellng with the Cole Younger Wild West Show. but Maddy arrives three days too late. Reuben Cogburn is now buried in Arkansas. Maddie is a cranky old one-armed maid, walking off into the sunset. 5.00



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