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dinner for schmucks
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Dinner for Schmucks

Starring Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell [Lucy Punch, Zach Galifianakis, Stephanie Szostak, Bruce Greenwood, David Walliams, Octavia Spencer, Ron Livingston, Larry Wilmore, Andrea Savage]

Screenplay by Andy Borowitz, Ken Daurio, David Guion, Michael Handelman, Cinco Paul, Francis Veber, Jon Vitti
irected by Jay Roach

IN SHORT: So much for the old "Jews run Hollywood" nonsense.. [Rated PG-13 for sequences of crude and sexual content, some partial nudity and language.. 110 minutes]

"Dinner for Schmucks" tells the story of Tim (Paul Rudd), a guy on the verge of having it all. The only thing standing between him and total career success is finding the perfect guest to bring to his boss' annual Dinner for Extraordinary People, an event where the winner of the evening brings the most eccentric character as his guest. Enter Barry (Steve Carell), a guy with a passion for dressing mice up in tiny outfits to recreate great works of art. From director Jay Roach, ["Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers"] comes an unforgettable feast about two unlikely friends and one very memorable dinner.

Because if we did, you wouldn't have a Yiddish 4-letter word in the title and it wouldn't be mistranslated, either. The word in the title does not mean "idiot," as the film would have you believe. It means "penis" in the vernacular slang as "dick" as in "You are a ..."

We write a fmily friendly site and apologize to the parental unjits out there. We are really pissed off about the use of this word. What the heck do we know? We're just a dumb Jew . . .

]Yutz: a haplesss, clueless, annoying socially clumsy guy

Shmuck, literally, means "jewel" (as in "family jewel" -- it is one of the many Yiddish words for "penis." Although it has the same basic meaning as putz, a shmuck often refers to someone with greater power or social/emotional status; someone who's intentionally nasty or uses their power for ill, whereas a putz is more ineffectual, easier to dismiss because he's beneath consideration or has no real effect on your life. (It's the difference between "jerk" and "total a$$hole." -- It's a very subtle difference, I grant you, and the line is often blurry.) Note: I recently had an almost Talmudic discussion with my brother-in-law about this subtle difference between a putz and a shmuck, and he summed it up perfectly: "One is erect, the other is limp." []:

Putz: literally, a diminutive form of penis; a prick. Used, as we do in English to describe a nasty, unlikable man. A putz generally has no real power, except to make your life miserable or at least unpleasant, often in a passive-aggressive way. See also Shmuck.

Yutz: a hapless, clueless, annoying socially clumsy guy. "You want to fix me up with Stanley? Forget it! I went out with that yutz last year and once was quite enough!"

Shlong: literally, snake, but colloquially used to mean penis (vulgar)

]Shlemiel: (shleh-meel) a clumsy, inept, pathetic, oaf. Trips over his own shoelaces and knocks over the $1000 vase.

Shlimazel (shlim-mazz-el) a bad luck Charlie, the guy with the rain cloud always over his head. When the shlemiel spills his soup, it's the shlimazel he spills it on.


On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Ten Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to Title, he would have paid . . .



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