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adam resurrected

Adam Resurrected stars Jeff Goldblum and Willem Dafoe. The former as a Holocaust survivor and the latter as the Nazi who treated said victim like a dog. Post War, Goldblum recovers in an Israeli insane asylum and is shocked to sanity when a boy who behaves as he did - like a dog - is admitted for treatment. The film put us to sleep. Literally.


Australia stars Nicole Kidman andHugh Jackman. An English noblewoman (Kidman) ventures to the land Down Under to liquidate her husband's territorial properties. There, she finds political intrigue, an adorable half-breed and a mysterious cattleman called The Drover (Jackman). All this and World War II. Unfortunately, Australia is ninety minutes of story in a near three hour package. Wait and rent.

bank job

The Bank Job stars Jason Stathan. The title tells you just about all you need to know, though there's so much more to the rhyme and reason of why this true Brit bank heist came into being that, once you work through the thick as a brick Brit accents, you should greatly enjoy your  romp through the criminal underpinnings of last century London. Seriously, the film is a tremendous bit of fun and greatly recommended.

Battle in Seattle

Battle in Seattle stars Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson in a fictional drama set against real life protests and riots at the WTO meetings in Seattle a couple of weeks back. Serious? Yep. Watch-able? Also yep. Serious adults go to this one. [$6.50]

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind is this season's Jack Black comedy, co-starring the eminent Daniel Glover as the owner of a vid store doomed to destruction by the forces of urbanization in Passaic, NJ. Said site was birthplace to jazz great Fats Waller and JB leads the fight for historic preservation. It's only an average comedy and you'll forget all about it in 24 hours. That makes it a fair dateflick. So, take one. ($3/10)


Bolt, from Pixar/Disney is voiced by John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, he a Hollywood teevee superdog and she as his "person". FedExed to New York by mistake, our hero must paw his way back to the left coast, accompanied by a cat (Susie Essman) and a hamster in a plastic ball (Mark Walton) whom he meets along the way. Great for parental units lugging kids up to eleven. Great for stoners -- the first half is funnier than the second. Fine viewing if you don't want to plant for this week's other big release. Happy campers seeking lots of BOLT wallpaper, click here.

Boy A

Boy A stars Andrew Garfield as a child murderer who, having served his time, is released back into a community that doesn't want him. The film is so incredibly bleak that we couldn't face the blank screen to write it up. Even the arthouse aficionados will walk out numb.


Cloverfield, whose studio banned online critics from advanced screenings to "keep the secrets off the Web." Yeah, right. You know what that means...

We haven't seen such a commercially successful, over hyped waste of time in the dark since The Blair Witch Project. There's nothing more to this "monster the size of a skyscraper goes stomping on Manhattan" movie than special effects. The story is so lacking it makes the rehash of the rehash of Godzilla look like Gone With The Wind . . . what a bloody waste of time.

Then again, our niece (age 17) and her friends looooved it. We still love her <g>.


day zero

Day Zero is a poorly written story about the reinstatement of the military draft to build forces for another (or maybe the continuing) war in Iraq after an under described attack on LA kills 1100 civilians. 3 friends (Chris Klein, Jon Bernthal, Elijah Wood) get the call up. Each deals, or doesn't, in different ways. One uses family connections to a Senator to avoid service. One is gung ho. One makes a list of ten things to get done before he is potentially killed... and makes a mess of most of the things on the list (that's the attempt at comic relief).

the express

The Express stars Dennis Quaid and Rob Brown. Once upon a time, negro individuals didn't play college or pro ball. This is the story of the second man to manage that but the first to win the coveted Heisman Trophy in the process.

That's all you really need to know. The Express is quite an enjoyable sit and, released at the start of the football season with film award wannabees breathing down its neck, the film will find its audience by word of mouth rental.


Flawless stars Michael Caine and Demi Moore in what would have been a great (men) against the system diamond heist except that the film fails to build any suspense as the payoff approaches. zzzz

Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon, an animated film in which three flies hitchhike a ride on an Apollo mission and see the moon close up, is fine for 5 year olds. It'll bore any adult into an early stupor.

foot fist way

The Foot Fist Way is not an American chop sockey as it may appear from the title and poster. It is, frankly, a complete waste of your time. This unfunny comedy was created by students in North Carolina, and Will Ferrell found their work to be funny. And so it hit your local theater with misleading advertising. Simply:  Will Ferrell is not in this film.

forbidden kingdom

Forbidden Kingdom teams Jet Li and Jackie Chan - like a Marvel comic they meet, fight and bond - in a terribly scripted, incomprehen-sible movie that will make every 15 year old boy happy as whatever. If you're 15 or so, don't write to tell us we're wrong. We're just old.

forgetting sarah marshall

What passes for current romantic comedy is on full display in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That means what isn't funny is otherwise stuffed with four letter words that get tiresome after a while.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town stars Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni and Greg Kinnear -- the former as a dentist who can see ghosts post-surgical complications and the latter as one of those ghosts. Leoni is the widow who steals both their hearts. A very enjoyable, very fluffy and forgotten in three hours dateflick. Teens and happy loving couples on dates go here. [$7]