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Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

balls of fury

Balls of Fury is the first ping pong meets martial arts mayhem comedy we've seen in almost as long as we can remember - which isn't much more than a week or two . . . wait! that means the only ping pong martial arts mayhem comedy we've seen is saved by Christopher Walken stealing every scene he's in. Everything else is flat out stupid/ silly. Great for 14 year old boys.

death at a funeral

If you can find it, Death at a Funeral from director Frank Oz will kill you with laughter. An upright elder of the community has passed ... all hell breaks loose, of course. Some may recognize star names Ewen Bremner or Jane Asher or Peter Dinklage but if you don't, just trust us on this one. It's Laffs with a capital L. Cranky's movie review

The Jane Austen Book Club

The Jane Austen Book Club features five ladies and a gent discussing Austen's six novels, once a month (screen time), and finding new meanings in their lives and relationships with each other. In other words, if you don't know the books (or haven't memorized the movie adaptations over the last decade, this is a very average arthouse film.

King of California stars Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood. She the hardworking teen looking after loony dad, just back from 2 years at a funny farm. Seems to us like a buncha A-listers got together to help a friend make a barely adequate film for your local arthouse. Cranky's movie review

mr. bean's holiday

Rowan Atkinson returns to his iconic character in Mr. Bean's Holiday, whose vacation takes him from jolly old to the southern beaches of France. Mildly amusing with only one killer joke. Cranky's movie review

Mr. Woodcock stars Billy Bob Thornton. We feared all the funny would be left in the title yet this simple dateflick (meaning it ain't great and it doesn't suck) pits grown up Sean William Scott against the abusive PE teacher of his youth when said teacher courts mommy Susan Sarandon. Funny enough to rent but better suited to younger daters who need something to do between dinner and making out.

nanny diaries

The Nanny Diaries stars Scarlett Johansson, a (literal) passerby in a park, who is drafted into professional kid watching service by rich, self-absorbed New Yorkers (Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti). Godawful.

resurrecting the champ

Resurrecting the Champ, ignored by most of y'all, still struck us as one of the best we've seen lately. Samuel L Jackson stars as a former boxing great returned to greatness thanks to newspaper reporter Ethan Hawke. Cranky's movie review

in the shadow of the moon

In the Shadow of the Moon was seen because of our love of the Gemini and Apollo programs (...had an uncle that worked on 'em, too). What we got here is a tired doc with end roll space footage. A real disappoint-ment (but we lived through it with an uncle in the program, so maybe we're just spoiled...)


High school friends need one last blast at "getting some" before they're separated for college. Thus is the reason for Superbad. Every sixth word starts with an "f". Every third sentence is a joke. Once you allow the film to regress you to age thirteen or so, it's a pretty funny sit. Seriously, idiot funny. The green reco font is not a mistake, now that you're warned about language


3:10 to yuma

3:10 to Yuma stars Russell Crowe. Impoverished good guy (Christian Bale) rides posse taking the bad guy (Crowe) to the jail train. Peter Fonda supports and Ben Foster steals the show. Cranky's movie review


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