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american wedding logo

Starring Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan; Seann William Scott, Fred Willard and Eugene Levy
Screenplay by Adam Herz
Directed by Jesse Dylan

IN SHORT: More jokes about pubes and poo. [Rated R for sexual content, language and crude humor. 100 minutes]

Journey once again into the gaping mall that is East Great Falls Michigan, where hunters probably shoot down certain quacking fowl whose name rhymes with a four letter word we can't print here. If we never hear that word again it'll probably be ... well, it will probably be in whatever we screen tomorrow.

That being said, if you loved the first two American Pie movies, American Wedding is another, grosser helping. As always, Rule One of this site is that you shouldn't have to know the source material to "get" the movie. American Wedding assumes you do so we take points off for that. That being said, all the characters are generic enough, and the relationships simple enough, that you can pick up the tracks in less than a couple of minutes. It's that simple. It's also very funny.

Honestly folks, we see close to 300 movies a year. Unless there's something absolutely spectacular, we don't remember crap two weeks on – that's one reason critics keep lists for year-end use. 'Cuz we can't remember crap. Which brings us to American Wedding which gets so gross we almost cringed. We can't claim that the next characterization is original (we think we read it in EW) but American Wedding truly does make Animal House look like Citizen Kane. Outside of Jason Biggs, whose Jim Levinstein character is the poster boy for sexual humiliation, we don't remember squat about the Pie universe.

American Wedding is hell bent on making us laugh by grossing us out and this it does tremendously. The script puts it best: pervert weds nympho and, on the way to the altar, poor ol' James Emmanuel Levinstein (Biggs) gets caught naked in compromising positions with great regularity. Biggs may be the title star but shoving his butt in your face like a dog in heat is Steve "4letterwordsRus" Stifler (Seann William Scott) who, thanks to an insistent mother who forced dancing lessons on him at a young age, becomes central to the major conflict of Wedding. Jim's beloved Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) must maintain the facade that she's a virgin princess so her mom and dad (Deborah Rush and Fred Willard) can give her away happily. Jim's dad (Eugene Levy) looks on happily and is more than willing to offer sage words of wisdom.

That's about all of it, for story. Sure, Stifler gets a bone for Michelle's sister Candace (January Jones). So does Jim's friend Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas). Their transformations, in search of reaching home base, plus a trip to Chicago to buy a wedding dress and the de rigueur bachelor party fill the rest of the time.

With nary a joke aimed involving a body part or function above the waste, American Wedding concludes this trilogy. It's funny and it's enough. Click the highlights above for Cranky Critic® StarTalk.

On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Ten Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to American Wedding, he would have paid . . .


You know if you want it.

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