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Porn*Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy

Starring Ron Jeremy
Directed by Scott J. Gill

IN SHORT: An in-depth look for aficionados. [Not Rated. 77 minutes]

Sooner or later, it is said, every reason to make a film will be exhausted. With their The Legend of Ron Jeremy, filmmaker Scott Gill has put the nail in the coffin of making documentaries about porn stars. Then again, how many porn stars have big enough, uh, names that you may actually have heard of them? We can think of four, two of 'em long out of the biz. One dead. One making B-movies.

Then there is Ron Jeremy, who gives hope to ugly fat middle-aged guys everywhere that someday, when hell freezes over and the sun ceases to shine, we too shall attain ten inches of fame and put enough notches on our belts that we'll have to buy a couple of dozen new belts to put new notches in. Ron Jeremy is unique amidst all who work in film, specifically porn films. He is a name male star (we can't tell you the number of women who recognized the name when we mentioned this film. It was many) and this is the story behind the story.

That being said, The Legend of Ron Jeremy is not a porn film. Yes, there is nudity. No, none of it is hard-core. And Ginger Lynn is almost invisible in it. Damn.

Documentaries being the acquired taste that they are (and we never acquired the taste), the selling point on this film is the name. As titillating as porn is to any male, and as wonderful a fantasy as the idea of being the stud is, there's no one we've met that ever dreamed of porn as a career. Neither did the man who would drop his surname to become "Ron Jeremy". Jeremy did have a girlfriend with a Polaroid camera. He does have a hefty bit of acreage in his lower forty which got him a page in Playgirl magazine. The man had gotten his degree in Special Education and was teaching blind and handicapped kidlets in the New York City public school system when an offer came in to do movies. Ron asked his father for career advice 'cuz he didn't want to do it. Dad said, "don't use my name" and thus the middle name Jeremy became the surname and a Jewish kid busted all preconceptions about what happens due to circumcision.

Throughout it all, Jeremy maintains that desire to succeed in traditional film, which is something that no porn star has managed unless you count B-movies for the drive in or video rental (he has managed some teevee roles and bit parts in films like Detroit Rock City). The laughs that come in this flick are from gags found in films from porn's Golden Age, the late 70s through the advent of video, when it was thought that porn could attain some genre-like status when scripts consisted of story and plots deeper than "Hi. Let's do it." If anything, this look at a true porn star's life should put the kibosh on any idea of glamour in this profession.

On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Nine Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to The Legend of Ron Jeremy, he would have paid . . .


Rent it only if you're a fan.

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