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Comics Continuity: From Caldecot County, Mississippi. Her mutant ability means that skin to skin contact initiates a transfer . . . of memories, of powers (if any) and, if long enough, of life. The first boy she kissed, Cody Robbins, was put into a coma. Initially a villain (raised by Mystique) prolonged contact with hero Carol Danvers (aka Ms. Marvel) gave her invulnerability and the ability to fly. It also gave her Danver's memories which pushed her close to schizophrenia. came to Xavier's school voluntarily to seek help. When she was introduced she looked to be in her thirties. Claremont fixed her at eighteen when she came to Xavier's, though she seems to be settled in her mid twenties in current continuity. Rogue has an identifying white streak in her hair. (Avengers annual 10; Chris Claremont/Michael Golden) In the Film continuity: the most significant change in the character comes from discarding all the continuity about Mystique being Rogue's "mother".

Tom DeSanto: We tried to approach it from that aspect. Trying to squeeze so much information into a two hour movie, it felt contrived. What if Rogue discovers her powers and has no one to turn to? And she's in Mississippi in the deep south and no one understands her and she doesn't understand herself and she's all alone in the world or at least she feels that way. It's much more of a powerful thing. Also the genesis of the character Rogue; when she first came to the X-Men she was such a wallflower and so dressed in layer after layer of clothing; really this tragic frightened little girl who she spent a lot of time crying on the floor. She was just begging someone to help her and Xavier gave her that. Through the genesis of the comic, and I think to a certain extent pandering to the audience, all of a sudden she's wearing Daisy Dukes and screaming "sugah" and her butt's hanging out the back. Whoa - what happened to the really wonderful thing and the intelligence of this character? At a certain point it becomes a little ludicrous.

Setting her age at about seventeen, we see Rogue's abilities, as well as the trademark white streak in her hair, develop.

Tom DeSanto: Rogue is the most cursed mutant. I remember watching a documentary, I'm going to go off on a tangent, for a second. There were these four sets of baby monkeys and the first baby monkey was with its mother and you watched it's normal growth. It was clinging to the mother, an amazing beautiful thing. The next cage they had taken the living mother out and put in this terrycloth doll. The monkey would cling to this terry cloth doll and try to get some kind of connection with it. It did to some extent but as they watched it grow older it skewed a little off. Walls were up. The next monkey they tore the terry cloth off so it was just wire, cold mesh thing. The baby monkey would sit there and it would shake but cling for dear life on to this thing that it was getting contact from. The last monkey they pulled everything out, and that monkey sat in the corner and just shook. It was alone and afraid and it was in need of something. That's really where Rogue is at. She is really alone, even among the outcasts, which mutants. She's the one who can take your power or your memory. Her power is such an invasion that it's frightening to other mutants.

As for her role in this movie, Anna Paquin tells us that "I think that next time I'd like to do a bit of fighting. I spent most of this movie being a damsel in distress. It'd be fun to do some flying and fight scenes and get rid of the whole 'please come rescue me' thing 'cuz that seems how I spend most of the time in this movie. Rogue is not the aggressive, cocky person she becomes by the end of the movie. We start to see that, once she gets her white streak, and that'll be fun (next time)."


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