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Comics Continuity: In earlier versions of the screenplay, Scott Summers' powers manifested themselves in high school. This simplified almost 40 years of comic book continuity way too complicated to detail (oh, OK, click here). Scott "Slim" Summers is dead in comics continuity, having been absorbed by the villain Apocalypse. The Nebraska born Summers leaves behind second wife, Jean Grey, son Nathan Christopher (by first wife Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. Deceased.) and daughter Rachel (by Jean Grey in an alternate timeline).
Film continuity:
Leader of the X-Men, Scott is engaged to a slightly older than he Dr. Jean Grey. His optic blast powers and ruby quartz visor remain the same.

Tom DeSanto: Scott was the unsure leader in the beginning, thinking "Am I really the heir apparent or is it just because everyone else believes in me? -- but I don't believe in myself". He's so uptight and so by the book and by the rules because he has this tremendous power within him that, if he does let his guard down or loosen up or lose that mask of control, he could kill people.

James Marsden: I just stuck with the basic characteristics of Cyclops. He was the first recruit for Charles' academy. He's the young leader of the group. In the comic book he had a bit of an insecurity problem with that weight on his shoulders; were anything to happen to Professor X he'd have that burden to carry on his shoulders. He was a bit of a boy scout. A little too serious at times. But just with that basic outline, when you take that one dimensional character and bring it into a three dimensional world, you do get a bit of artistic license to create a bit more. We did work with Bryan on molding these characters.


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