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I Know What You Did Last Summer
Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar,
Ryan Phillipe and Freddie Prinze Jr.
Screenplay by Kevin Williamson
Directed by Jim Gillespie
Website www.sony.com

IN SHORT:   "As Awesome as Scream"

That "in short" line is a direct quote from one of 3 GenX'ers I sent to see I Know What You did Last Summer, 'cuz you know it ain't the kind of flick Cranky would see. A carful of teens gets drunk and stupid in the summer before going off to college. They run over something in the road -- a body! Disposing of same, they swear not to tell, 'cuz no one saw. And a year later, nasty stuff starts happening. Thus the title.

Now, no bitching from you film students saying I should see everything 'cuz it's my job. My job is to get you real person's reactions and that's what you're gonna get:

From my Accomplice in Crime, Trent Haaga, who lives and breathes B-Movies and horror/thriller flicks --

Four promising high school seniors try to cover up a hit and run only to pay for it a year later when a tall, dark, and mysterious catcher of fish/killer of people comes to exact his revenge.

Sound familiar? It should. But that's exactly what makes I Know What You Did Last Summer work:

1) The killer's revenge takes place a year after the hit and run - July 4th (they could have followed the Friday the 13th, New Year's Evil, Mother's Day holiday title motif, but Independence Day was already taken by some cheesy science fiction film - anybody ever heard of this one?).

2) Babes. Babes in low-cut tops. Babes in low-cut tops being chased by a killer with a big steel hook. I'd never even heard of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now I must admit to being a fan of her . . . attributes.

3) Red herrings everywhere! Anybody could be the killer, but... [Cranky's gonna jump in here, as Trent gives it away. He's new. He'll learn...]

4) Rich, affluent, and obnoxious kids getting wiped off the face of the planet in increasingly bloody ways. Seriously, though, very good suspense and a lot of interesting set pieces.

5) The requisite "false scare followed by super-shocker" ending. It's been a while since I've seen one of these, and IKWYDLS delivers a winner. The preview crowd was going NUTZO!!

Most "serious" filmgoers will despise this movie, but that won't stop it from making a chum bucket full-o-cash. I'll never forget Friday the 13th or Prom Night or Pieces. These movies contributed to my love of movies, to my very essence. And they must've done the same for screenwriter Kevin Williamson. This is a film for slasher film fans and hopefully it'll help spawn a whole new generation of them . . . I need more friends, after all.

Yep, Trent's a true critic in the making. From the lovely Jill Cobb, the newest member of the eDrive family, who took her boyfriend:

I Know What You Did Last Summer was *so* scary, I screamed out loud at least ten times! Although the beginning was a bit slow (for the purpose of character development, I assume) it really moves once it starts rolling.

As for the characters, the boys were very cute and stupid and the two lead female characters could have easily been mistaken for Boobs La Rue and Chesty Morgan - were they wearing Wonder Bras? The killer was creepy when in costume, but not nearly as scary once he's unmasked.

There were tons of "pop outs" and "you think they're dead, but they're not" scenes - I love those! The murder scenarios were good and gory and there was just enough humor to distract those who might be easily scared or grossed out.

When you leave the theater your heart will be pounding. A very cool movie. I know what a lot of people will be watching this weekend . . .

The third eDriver who went to the flick just cackles insanely when you mention the title. Make of it what you will.

Since I didn't see it, I had long discussions with the folk to come up with a dollar value, so... On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Eight Bucks. Were (we) able to set (our) own price for I Know What You Did Last Summer, (we) would have paid . . .


Though somehow Cranky thinks that if you really like der scary flikken, you'll probably see it again.

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